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Resources provides a directory of educational materials and community-support tools for DITA.

X-Pubs 2007 - DITA Specialization and S1000D

DITA is both a markup language and architecture for defining new markup languages, or creating DITA-compatible flavours of existing languages. Can DITA be specialized to support the S1000D standard, enabling standardized content reuse, integration, and publishing with S1000D-compatible content in a DITA-compliant toolset? If it can, then a strong reuse and integration relationship would become possible between the two standards, with sharable infrastructure, content, and publishing streams. 

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Lone-DITA: A DITA Community for Small Documentation Teams

The Lone-DITA site (http://www.lone-dita.com) aims to help small documentation teams and small/medium organizations to evaluate and implement DITA. The main feature of the site is a comprehesive tutorial that will guide users through the all major stages necessary to create technical documents using DITA and the DITA Open Toolkit.

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DITA Infocenter

DITA Infocenter (www.ditainfocenter.com) is a demonstration of online Eclipse Help that contains the DITA Language and Architectural Specifications (v1.0) and the 1.3.1 version of the DITA Open Toolkit User Guide, all in a single, searchable interface with  a TOC and Index.

When the v1.1 DITA Specs are approved, they too will be included.

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gotAPI Searchable DITA Language Reference

gotAPI.com has added the DITA Language Specification to their wonderful tool with progressive search.

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DITA Users

The DITA Users website (www.ditausers.org) has a number of DITA resources:

DITA News. About 30 places to go for news about DITA.

DITA Websites. 20 of the important websites covering DITA today.

DITA Mailing Lists. 6 mailing lists with frequent mentions of DITA.

DITA Publications. 37 publications and a link to a few dozen great presentations on DITA.

DITA Communities. 11 communities, mostly in North America so far.

DITA Glossary. A glossary of about 50 DITA-related terms, which can be syndicated to serve on your website.

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