5 Minute DITA Tutorial

This 5-minute Flash-based tutorial introduces DITA Topics, Specializations for Concept, Task, and Reference, and shows how Topics are organized with DITA Maps for publishing to multiple formats.

View the tutorial here

For your convenience, below are the eight slides used in the animated and narrated tutorial. If you want higher-quality images to use in a DITA presentation, please contact Bob Doyle.

Higher-quality slides are now available at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/dita-users/message/11059.  Or download a zipped folder with the eight explanatory slides that you can use to educate your tech pubs group about DITA.


DITA Topics

DITA Topic Elements

Element Order and Number

DITA Concept Topc

DITA Task Topc

DITA Reference Topic


Organizing DITA Topics with Maps

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