Crossing Organizational Boundaries with DITA

Presentation at the 22 October 2008 meeting of the RTP DITA Users' Group by Colleen Smith, Content Management Information Architect at Teradata Corporation.

After completing a successful pilot project using DITA and a CMS, Teradata's Information Engineering group is partnering with Teradata Customer Services to share and reuse tech pubs content for creating custom system change documents for field engineers. Challenges in this project include:

  • Getting executive buy-in
  • Breaking down the organizational, bureaucratic, and geographic walls
  • Understanding and reconciling conflicting user goals from multiple audiences
  • Teaching software engineers how to create content using DITA, XML Editor, and CMS tools
  • Creating a reuse and filtering strategy to satisfy the requirements of both organizations
  • Creating customized processing routines and output formats

In this case study, we will learn how information developers at Teradata are implementing DITA and content management, and how they are addressing the challenges of this cross-organizational project.


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