Understanding DITA 1.2: Keys, conref extensions, and more

Presentation by Robert Anderson (IBM) and Kristen James Eberlein (Eberlein Consulting) at the 24 February 2010 meeting of the RTP DITA Users' Group. Jointly sponsored with the Boston DITA User Group.

DITA 1.2 is the forthcoming version of the DITA standard. Under development since 2007, it contains new functionality that makes DITA even more powerful and flexible. This presentation will focus on the following big-ticket items:

  • Keys and the @keyref attribute
  • Extensions to conref
  • Improvements for DITA map composition
We'll focus on how these new DITA 1.2 features solve common problems that vex documentation teams. Live demonstrations using the DITA Open Toolkit! Lots of screen captures! As always, we'll save lots of time for questions.


Anderson-Eberlein-24-Feb-2010.pdf1.6 MB
Anderson-samples-24-Feb-2010.zip14.58 KB
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