Contelligence Group, LLC

All indications are that unstructured data will offer the largest return on investment from IT efforts in the next five to ten years. With more than seventy percent of an organization's information assets held as unstructured data, the impact spans the enterprise and affects the performance of nearly every process. The Contelligence Group was founded by Don Day and Michael Boses to help unlock this tremendous ROI potential for organizations that seek to implement or create technology that addresses enterprise unstructured data.

We help organizations solve unstructured data problems and deliver content that operates with the same efficiency as core operational system or databases. Optimizing unstructured data in this way is one of the last frontiers where new technology can create dramatic ROI for the enterprise.

Intelligent Content enables process automation, dynamic publishing, IP preservation, and automated governance, and as such it is an important component of Enterprise Architecture that often receives too little attention. The Contelligence Group brings attention to Enterprise Architecture to every project, which leads to solutions with reduced cost-of-ownership and broad impact potential. We have deep experience in applying the DITA markup standard for these cross-company scenarios.

  • Enterprise Services
    • Enterprise Content Architecture
    • Aligning Content with Executive Strategies
    • Solution architecture
  • Project Services
    • Complex process analysis and redesign
    • XML Schema modeling, analysis, and strategy
    • Agile solution design and concept prototyping
    • Stakeholder engagement and change management
  • Product Design Services
    • Knowledge worker XML Authoring
      • Content and Social
      • Web 2.0 collaborative models
      • Leading ECM extensions
    • XML Collaborative Processes
      • Browser based
      • Word based
      • Alternative approaches Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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