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Arbortext and the Open Toolkit?

We get a lot of questions about whether you can use Arbortext with the Open Toolkit.  The answer is, "Yes, of course," but any further details are difficult unless you know what the questioner means by that: "Arbortext" is a portfolio of products that includes an editor, multiple publishing engines (for both typical and magazine-quality publishing), a content management system, a styling tool (so non-programmers can create stylesheets), a DTD/configuration tool, a dynamic link manager, and an illustration tool.

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Primeiros passos

Os primeiros passos do trabalho com DITA envolvem um conjunto de passos:

  • Entender a arquitetura baseada em tópicos por trás do modelo DITA.
    A elaboração de conteúdo baseado em tópicos é a base da arquitetura DITA. Para compreender a melhor abordagem para a DITA, primeiro compreenda o que é conteúdo baseado em tópicos e escrita estruturada.

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Formatos de Saída Suportados

O DITA Open Toolkit pode produzir saídas nos seguintes formatos:

  • PDF, through XSL-FO
  • Microsoft Compressed HTML Help
  • Eclipse Help
  • Java Help
  • Oracle Help
  • Rich Text Format


Também pode ser estendido para produzir saídas em outros formatos adicionais.


See the source English version of this page.

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Plans for DITA-OT 1.5

DITA Open Toolkit version 1.5

Note: while the DITA Standard itself is owned and developed by OASIS, the DITA Open Toolkit is an independent, open source implementation of the standard.

The final DITA-OT 1.5 release is now available!

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Keeping DITA simple

DITA OpenToolkit Web GUI

When thinking in terms of technical writing, one might at times confuse the people involved with documenting the software with those actually writing it.

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