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The DITA Caper

People are awesome

Our DITA Conference agenda is just about complete.  Despite the tight economy, speakers have been great about offering their expertise, and their companies have agreed to cover their travel.  These generous folks include Kent Taylor, Mahesh Kumar Gupta, Leigh White, Mollye Barrett, Don Bridges, Betty Harvey, Kristen J. Eberlein, Mariana Alupului, Jeff Jagoda, Michael Beaver, Tricia York Garrett, Susan Carpenter, Brandy Byrd Gantt, Andy Lewis, Larry Kunz, Pam Noreault, Julio J. Vazquez, Karen Deen, Frances Overby, Jon Parsons, and Dorothy Hoskins.

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The DITA Caper

RealWorld DITA 2009 Conference - Raleigh NC USA this September!

We are getting great response for the RealWorld DITA Conference here in Raleigh and have great speakers lined up -- including multiple speakers from IBM. 

Conference info is online at http://www.aboveandbeyondlearning.com/ditaconference.html

List of speakers for DITA presentations

This page provides a resource for conference organizers, user groups, and others looking for DITA presentations at public events (including webinars).

If you are available and qualified to speak on DITA, please list your name under the appropriate subhead below (User, Vendor, or Consultant). Include the DITA topic areas on which you can speak, any regional preferences or restrictions, availability, a link to your bio, contact information and other pertinent details. (To add your name, be sure you're logged in, then select the "edit" tab on this page.)

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