List of speakers for DITA presentations

This page provides a resource for conference organizers, user groups, and others looking for DITA presentations at public events (including webinars).

If you are available and qualified to speak on DITA, please list your name under the appropriate subhead below (User, Vendor, or Consultant). Include the DITA topic areas on which you can speak, any regional preferences or restrictions, availability, a link to your bio, contact information and other pertinent details. (To add your name, be sure you're logged in, then select the "edit" tab on this page.)

Users of DITA

Bob Doyle is the founder of DITA Users and five companion sites in support of DITA (DITA Blog, DITA Infocenter, DITA News, DITA Tutor, and DITA Wiki). He has pioneered inexpensive web-based collaborations for startup virtual communities. He founded CM Professionals in 2004 and developed their techniques for holding meetings online. He has delivered keynote presentations for conferences from his video desktop. He can speak at your meeting as long as you welcome him virtually by Skype and VNC screen sharing or his new Elluminate Academic Office (which supports 25 simlutaneous users). See his blog, and contact him at editor at

Dr. JoAnn Hackos, President of Comtech Services, discusses how best to approach a DITA implementation. Her process begins with content restructuring, including minimalism, before any change in technology. She is most influential is helping senior management understand the business benefits of moving to an XML-based standard and outlines four levels of cost savings that organization may achieve with a DITA implementation.

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Vendor representatives

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Comtech Services, Inc. provides a full range of consulting services for organizations wishing to implement the DITA standard. Included in those services are business-case development, reuse strategies, content restructuring, information modeling, stylesheet development, translation and localization strategies, and more.

Systems Documentation Inc. (SDI) helps its clients develop and manage their corporate information assets. We provide industry-leading consultants in content management, information architecture, eLearning, training, and structured authoring. Julio Vazquez and Larry Kunz are available to give presentations on all DITA-related topics.

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