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Common errors in DITA specializations

DITA Specialization opens a new dimension for customizing DITA to needs of different enterprises. But doing a valid specialization is not a trivial process. It requires rather deep understanding of DITA internals and command in technologies like DTD, XML Schema and s.o.

But even with sufficient knowledge of DTD (or XML Schema) coding, doing a valid specialization requires knowledge of certain DITA principles and rules. Just designing a valid DTD will not necessarily mean that you have a valid DITA model. 

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Math Domain Requirements

The fundamental premise of DITA is to provide a framework within which
reusable content may be authored without regard to how that particular
content is rendered on a particular target. DITA strives to be target
neutral in as many ways as possible: thus at the time a topic is
written, no assumptions are made as to whether that topic will be
presented on a web page, in a book or on a poster. Content can thus be
naturally shared between web and print forms. Content can also be

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Workspace to develop a math domain for DITA

Collects all the topics related to integrating mathematical expressions into DITA and the DITA-OT.

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Introduction to specialization

Specialization is the process by which new designs are created based on existing designs, allowing new kinds of content to be processed using existing processing rules.

It is the means by which the standard DITA language may be extended for new semantic or structural roles.

Specialization allows you to define new kinds of information (new structural types or new domains of information), while reusing as much of existing design and code as possible, and minimizing or eliminating the costs of interchange, migration, and maintenance.

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