Workspace to develop a math domain for DITA

Collects all the topics related to integrating mathematical expressions into DITA and the DITA-OT.

Please view the file attachments to this page.  These files contain DTDs for the content and (hopefully someday in the future) structural domains, as well as use cases.  The use case document probably won't render well.  It's provided in order to show what people should be expected to do with the enhanced features provided by this domain.  Please keep the DTDs and the use case documents in sync with each other as well as with the description of the elements on the Math Domain Elements page.

Please note that this site prohibits attaching files with "*.dtd", "*.ent", and "*.mod", and "*.mml" extensions.  After you download the files, rename with the appropriate extensions. The "simple_external.xml" needs to be renamed to "simple_external.mml" if processing is to work.
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