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DITA Help Subcommittee Meeting

The first teleconference meeting of the DITA Help subcommittee was held on Thursday/Friday last week. (That's Thursday in the US and Europe, and Friday in Australia and Asia.) The group has excellent experience across a broad range of fields, but all have in common an enthusiasm to make DITA a viable Help authoring environment. The first meeting broadly discussed goals and scope, but from now on we have to become more focussed on the actions we need to take!

OASIS DITA Machine Industry Subcommittee

This activity will help to galvanize the role of DITA specializations across
industries that have common issues for hardware-related description.
Such as: manufacturing system engineering,
engine- and machine construction, power plant equipments, apparatus
engineering, elevators and escalators etc.

OASIS DITA Semiconductor Information Design Subcommittee

Creating DITA specializations for better information design and interoperability throughout the semiconductor industry.

This subcommittee represents a community of interest within various semiconductor companies who believe that there is value in creating a DITA specialization for the industry. Not only will this enable better integration with the development of the OASIS DITA Standard, but will provide an opportunity for

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OASIS DITA Translation Subcommittee

DITA Translation Subcommittee.

JoAnn Hackos,, Chair
Gershon Joseph*,, Secretary


1) Develop an effective liaison with the OASIS XLIFF technical committee and the W3C ITS working group so that the DITA TC can work together with those interested providing for the needs of the information-development community from authoring through localization to the production of final deliverables in multiple languages.

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OASIS DITA Learning Content Subcommittee

This page contains information about the work of the OASIS DITA Learning and Training Content Specialization Subcommittee (at

  • What is the purpose of the committee?
  • How does it operate?
  • What methods are available for staying informed about the work of the committee?
  • What background information is on record?
  • What work products are publicly available?
  • What issues is the committee working on?
  • Who should join and how is that done?


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