Change table of content HTML markup



I am new to DITA and figuring out how to change the generated table of content markup. I have written an XSL which I am able to run in lieu of map2htmltoc.xsl but the issue is that I am not able to find a hook to override the templates in this file.

Can someone help me on which feature extension to use to override the templates in this file? and what is the best way of doing something like this.

DITA OT won't load my plugin

Hello everybody,

Can somebody help me get my plugin up and running?

I'm running DITA OT and I created a tiny plugin.The plugin is intended to override the default behavior of putting a single quote ' in empty table cells. The plugin seems to be completely ignored, because putting nonsense at the top of the plugin.xml file does not cause the build to fail.

I made the plugin as follows:

1. I created a new directory demo\sdlwcm in the DITA directory.

2. I created a plugin.xml in that new directory with the following contents:

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Specification Strategies Thread: <xref> text control

It is nearly impossible to talk about what you want to do without at least giving an example of how you want to do it.  Already, the requirements thread has produced three different potential strategies for how to specify some mechanism to control the text substituted by <xref>.  These three initial suggestions are:

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Requirements thread: <xref>

Please use this thread to discuss how you would like <xref> to behave.  <xref> is, in the opinions of some, underspecified.  Please show here how you would like to use it.  We will discuss implementation issues on another thread.

To start:

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Tutorial: Specializing the props= attribute

I have posted a tutorial on how to do DITA 1.1 attribute specialization of the props= attribute. It is here:


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