Getting the merged.xml file of the pdf output process


According the this graph

there is a merged xml file after the topic merge when I want to publish as pdf.Is it possible to output that merged xml file without customizing the OT?

Customization of XSL for FO2pdf

I have specialized the topic in issue. Now, i tried to customized the XSL for Fo2pdf.

Following is specialization:

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xhtml customization re <pre class="codeblock">

What do I have  to do to change

<pre class="codeblock"> 

in xhtml output to be:

<pre class="prettyprint">  ?

I want to do this in order to use the Javascript code prettifier to format code. I have args.hdf set to write the script call in, and the args.css set for the style sheet, but I am not sure which template I need to copy into my custom .xsl to change the actual tag in the xhtml.

Fast solutions appreciated. ;-)


What are inner and outer topics?

Several toolkit build files refer to inner and outer dita topics. For example, 

<target name="dita.topics.html" unless="noTopic" if="old.transform" description="Build HTML files from inner and outer dita topics,which will adjust the directory.

Any clue what that means?

Generating CHM: do all embedded files need to be in subfolders?

I've been trying to generate a CHM file which references images in a sibling folder (strictly speaking, a sibling subfolder).

The output HTML is in the folder myfolder/out; each file includes the following image reference:

<img src="../templates/images/logo.jpg">


When I look at the HTML files in a browser, the image appears, but when I open the CHM, it's missing.

Similarly, the CSS I'm using is applied when I view the topics in a browser, but is not applied in the CHM.

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