Map architecture questions

bookmap or ditamap?

I'm looking for some good reasons why you would want to use a bookmap instead of a ditamap.

Obviously, you use a bookmap if you wish to "to produce your DITA topics and even whole DITA maps as the content of a formally defined book. This allows you to produce not only maps for online deliverables, but also PDFs with the same content, replete with covers, formal notices and frontmatter, and so forth." (Source: DITA Architectural Specification v1.1).

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Expecting <Topichead> to display doc title

I added a <Topichead> to my DITAmap to generate a title for my document. My hope was that it would save me from having to set up a separate topic that contained just a title for my document. However, I find that the title that I defined using <Topichead> does not display when I use FrameMaker to generate my document from my DITAmap. My topics display just fine, but not the document title.


ToC in PDF with Arbortext editor

Anyone out there who can tell me how to a ToC in my PDF output?


I have a map that incudes some preface stuff and then I'd like a ToC before the actual content.

 I assume I will need to include an element of some sort, but I can't figure out which one.


Søren Weimann

FLAG , how to create ?

My question is about old questuon.
I am sending my files in oder to create a flag.,
I created the file c:\teste.bmp to use.
I am sending my files to you analize.
If someone interests, I send the files. Thanks

Glossary in DITA

Hello All,

When I add the glossary and generate a PDF of the BookMap, the glossary term and definition does not appear distinctly. They appear similar to the rest of the content in the document.

Further, if a glossary term has more than one definition, how can we add this to the glossary topic? Should we create separate glossary topics for each such definition?

Can anyone suggest a different way of adding glossary to the BookMap or advise what I could do to rectify this issue?

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