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FrameMaker EDD: Setting image position

When I import a graphic into my structured FM document, it centers the image. How can I modify the FrameMaker EDD to position anchored frames on the right by default?

 In the EDD, I changed the "align" attribute in my Image element from "string" to "choice" and defined a list of choices (left, center, or right). When I import a graphic, I set the attribute value to "right, but of course it doesn't affect the graphic position because I don't know how to define "right" for FrameMaker. 

I'm a DITA newbie: Can I reproduce old structure or should I give it up?

We're moving from unstructured FM to Structured FM and DITA. Our procedures have always used this hiearchy:


Section 1

    Part 1

          Step A




In DITA, we'll be limited to two step levels. Do we need to throw out our old hiearchy and adopt a much more simple approach; for example:

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Gathering information for a new template

What information do you need to gather from your Subject Matter Experts to follow a new concept-based template and create  a procedure. In particular, what are good questions or information to gather to follow the new template and create a procedure, concept or pre and post requisites?

thead variant – row label

The standard definition seems to assume that labels are always column labels that belong in a thead. So, what about a table where the labels belong to rows?

tel 02 753 69 xx fax 02 753 69 xx e-mail sita BRUB AFTN EBBR

In terms of structure, the cells in bold are labels identifying the content that follows.

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FLAG, how to use ?

I want to understand the flag usage.

How can I use ?

Where can I use ?

Why to use ?

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