Testing DITA: BUILD FAILED problem

Hi everyone,

I originally posted this as a reply to another post, but I doubt anyone would find it there, so I'm setting up this new one, hoping to get a solution and, hopefully, providing it to others who would run into the same issue.

I am experiencing some problems with the DITA Open Toolkit from the very beginning. I installed everything and followed all the instructions, but whatever I do, I get a BUILD FAILED message when I try to test the installation. I have not been able to find an answer, let alone figure out myself what I've done wrong.

So when I get the c:\ditaot> prompt, I type ant all, and then I get the following:

        Buildfile: build.xml
       Target 'all' does not exist in this project.

       Total time: 3 seconds

Anyone able to help?

Thanks a lot!!!


Anyone running into the same problem, visit http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/dita-users/message/3905. There's your answer.


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