Boulder-Denver DITA User Group

As of November 2007, the Boulder-Denver DITA User Group is on hold until further notice. If you are interested in facilitating this group, contact
Past presentations:

- October 2007: Scott Stark presented DITA Linking and Relationship Tables. His PowerPoint slides are attached below in "Linking and Relationship Tables-ctdug.ppt" and the LiveMeeting recording is located here:
- September 2007: Eliot Kimber talked about specialization and provided a live tutorial. Unfortunately, the Live Meeting recording didn't take. Fortunately, Eliot's tutorial is available here: Members of Boston DITA Users attended remotely and managed to record a large part of Eliot's presentation - see and llisten at
- August 2007: Mark Ambrose of SDL International, spoke about Localization and DITA. His presentation is not available.
- July 2007: Sue Blaisdell and Jack Thompson of Avaya presented DITA: Don’t Intimidate Your Authorsand DITA: Deliver Information Targeted at the Audience. For the slides, see DontIntimidateYourAuthorsSBlaisdell.ppt and CMDITAConferenceJuly24_JT.ppt below.
- June 2007: France Baril of IXIASOFT spoke about three issues related to DITA: topics that vanish (and ones you don't know about), broken links, and writers' concerns about using DITA. You can view the recording at: (use 6#`n^#Ghh to access).
- May 2007: Maria Brownstein and Dave Resch of Sybase, spoke about nerating Eclipse Help from DITA Source. For the slides and tutorial, see EWorld-803_07.ppt and 3672_Eclipse_DITA_Tutorial_2007.ppt below.
- April 2007: Kevin Dorr of Flatirons Solutions, Inc. spoke about exchanging or providing XML DITA content to your customers or between companies. See DITA Exchange - DUG 4-26-07.ppt below for his is PowerPoint slides.
- March 2007: Judy Kessler was scheduled to present: How Sybase made the business case for DITA. For the presentation, see "Sybase_DITA_Bus_Case.pdf " below.
- February 2007: Anna van Raaphorst of VR Communications, Inc. spoke about Including and using metadata and reusing content. For slides, see MetadataReuse.pdf (Acrobat) or MetadataReuse.ppt (PowerPoint) below.
- January 2007: Matthew McCool spoke about Internationalizing XML information with DITA. Recording Details: Subject: Internationalizing XML information with DITA Recording URL: Recording ID: JD4GNH Attendee Key: w;;9\%8.H
- November 2006: France Baril of IXIASOFT spoke about a case study of an implementation at Cedrom Sni. See "XML_DitaGatineauRevised2006ForDenver.ppt" for her slide presentation.
- October 2006: Kevin Dorr of Flatirons Solutions spoke about Publishing Books in DITA Using Bookmap. See "DUG Bookmap Preso.ppt" for his slide presentation (Scott Hudson also spoke) and "bookmap_v092a.html" for the Bookmap DTD "cruiser" file that he presented.
- September 2006: Michael Priestley of IBM spoke about using task analysis with DITA. Here are the links to his two presentations: (look for his name) and
- August 2006: Don Day of IBM spoke about the business benefits of using DITA and provided a brief introduction to DITA. See the attachment list below for the PowerPoint slides he presented (DDayDITA2006.ppt).
- July 2006: Jennifer Linton of ComTech Services spoke about DITA Maps. Here is the link to her presentation:

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