User-Generated Content and the DITA OASIS website

It's a Web 2.0 world -- and I think it's about time we started to take
advantage of it. Any chance the OASIS website is going to
incorporate user-generated content into the mix? Ideally, adding
user-generated content would increase the value of the list of
training providers, software companies that claim to support DITA,
etc. by allowing users to rate and review these vendors.

By adding user-generated content to the DITA OASIS website, users
could gain access to much more than an alphabetical listing of service
providers -- which is nothing more than free advertising for trainers
and software vendors.

What we need is value-added content. I know most folks would rather
view a list of trainers and filter them by price, geographic location,
and rating (just like we do hotels when searching travel websites). By
allowing users to generate ratings (1 star is poor, 5 stars is
excellent) and share their experiences with vendors (in a narrative)
we will increase the quality of the listings, assist users in the selection of
the best trainers and software vendors, and help software vendors
and training service providers improve their offerings.

It seems like a win-win for all involved and something we ought to
strive to include in the next generation of the website.

Ideas? Thoughts?

Scott Abel
The Content Wrangler
All pages in this site have an "add new comment" link at the bottom of that page. It would be great for people to add comments and observations to the Products and Services pages. It would be difficult to implement and maintain a "rating" system, and based on the size of this community could lead to abuse. If there are additional filters that could be added to the Products or Services form, please make suggestions. Based on the number of service providers, a geographic location filter may not be all that useful. Let's encourage people to use the comments feature and see how that goes.


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