The Vasont® content management system enables organizations to consolidate, manage, and store multilingual content - such as technical documentation, product manuals, training materials, and reference publications - as a single source for maximum reuse and multi-channel delivery. Vasont provides: single-source management of structured and unstructured content and assets; multi-language and translation management; advanced link management; built-in customizations; universal integration with editing tools; and support for standards such as DITA, SCORM, and S1000D.

Content management, workflow, translation, and publishing; integrates with most authoring tools; supports DITA.

As a Vasont user, I would highly recommend their CMS. They have very good Dita support, including conrefs and ditamap support.

Our Dita outputs include PDF, HTML, ASP, and HTML Help.

From a single bookmap, we may publish 4 or more PDF deliverables. The topics referenced by the ditamap tend to contain may conref, lots of ditaval conditions and lots of variables (for wihich we use entities.) After the preproccess done through the Dita Open-toolkit, we Antenna House for XSLT and FO processing. Our bookmaps normally include reltables, of which the generated text appears in the PDFs.

For the rest of the Dita outputs, we use topic ditamaps, which we publish through a modified version of the Dita Open-toolkit.

I am also a Vasont administrator for our group. The support people at Vasont have always been there for any technical issues. The Vasont team has always responded quickly and have always been able to solve the problem. Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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