What do "info-typed" DITA topic examples look like?

A small concept example:
A minimal topic for field description in a dialog might look like this: <concept id="username">
<title><var>username>/var> input field</title>
<shortdesc>Enter your name or the name of the user for whom you are creating a record.</shortdesc>

A larger task example:
A procedure for installing a hard drive might look like this. <task id="installstorage">
<title>Installing a hard drive</title>
<shortdesc>You open the box and insert the drive.</shortdesc>
<audience type="administrator"/>
<indexterm>hard drive</indexterm>
<indexterm>disk drive</indexterm>
<step><cmd>Unscrew the cover.</cmd>
<stepresult>The drive bay is exposed.</stepresult>
<step><cmd>Insert the drive into the drive bay.</cmd>
<info>If you feel resistance, try another angle.</info>
<link href="formatstorage.dita"/>
<link href="installmemory.dita"/>

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