DITA Learning Content SC - SCORM

Introduction to SCORM for Instructional Designers -

See Slide 6 and supporting slides for an overview of the core elements of SCORM:
- The Content Aggregation Model (CAM) provides content packaging, metadata (LOM), and sequencing information
- The Run-Time Environment specifies APIs and other requirements for a SCORM-compliant learning-management system (LMS)
- Sequencing and Navigation specification (IMS)

Two-minute SCORM overview for developers - Technical details on SCORM implementation for developers.

Learning objects and SCORM intro from EduWorks -

Readable overview about SCORM, from Randall House Associates

SCORM In Practice - presentation with pretty good introduction to SCORM in slides 6-15

A (rather lengthy) powerpoint presentation on SCORM intro; be sure to view in Screenshow mode, if possible.

SCORM spec on sequencing - includes information about information types used for learning content.

Introduction to SCORM Content Structure - An interactive course-like introduction, replete with a quiz.

SCORM 2004 Documentation set - HUGE -

Tecfa has a Wiki about SCORM sequencing - http://edutechwiki.unige.ch/en/IMS_Simple_Sequencing

Carnegie Mellon's Learning Systems Architecture Lab - http://www.lsal.cmu.edu/lsal/expertise/projects.

Sample SCORM course and sample on sequencing - SCORM 2004 Sequencing Essentials Content Example (SECE) Version 1.0 - http://www.adlnet.gov/news/articles/366.cfm. This provides a working sample of SCORM 2004 sequencing, in the form of an actual SCORM course. It contains some really good sample content and information about content types and how to structure them into an activity sequence with objectives, etc, for SCORM deliverables.

To view the sample course, you need to have installed the SCORM Sample RTE Version 1.3.3, which you can download from here - http://www.adlnet.gov/downloads/index.cfm
S1000D/SCORM Redundancy Analysis and Conversion Guidelines document. Within the document, we reference and discuss Gagne (around page 25 or so). There is a table that clarifies the instructional events and potentional objects that can support the event. http://www.jointadlcolab.org/research/s1000dscorm/

See also:

The page is outdated and most of the links do not work anymore.

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