DITA Conferences

There are several conferences, in North America and Europe, where you can meet with members of the DITA community.

Bright Path Solutions Conferences.

Bright Path Solutions conferences include

DITA 2007 East, DITA 2007 West,


and FrameMaker Chautauqua.


CIDM Conferences.

Center for Information Development Management conferences include

DITA North America,
DITA Europe,
and Best Practices.


DocTrain Conferences.

Both DocTrain East and DocTrain West conferences offer numerous sessions on DITA, including free half-day DITA training sessions (beginning, intermediate and advanced).

DocTrain also offers industry-specific conferences, including DocTrain Life Sciences, which includes several DITA-focused sessions, including sessions exploring the use of DITA for enterprise business documents.


Gilbane Conferences.

The Gilbane Conferences on Content Management Technology meet in Boston, San Francisco, and Washington each year with many sessions on DITA.


STC Conferences.

STC has an Annual Conference with many sessions on DITA.



WritersUA has an Annual Conference with many sessions on DITA.


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