Installing the DITA Open Toolkit

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You can download and install the DITA Open Toolkit from Before you download, you should read a discription of the various DITA-OT Packages that are available.

Source Forge has a Home Page for the Open Toolkit, although most current user oriented information is located here on

Instructions on how to install and use the OT are available in the DITA Open Toolkit User Guide, written by Anna van Raaphorst and Dick Johnson. Note that there multiple packages available for the DITA-OT; if you are trying out the toolkit for the first time, you should use the "full easy install" package, which is designed for easier evaluation. You can get an overview of this and other packaging options on the DITA-OT Packages page. Additional updated information on using the toolkit is available in the doc directory of the DITA-OT 1.5 package.

An online step-by-step tutorial on installing the OT is provided by Lone Dita.

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