Is content management important?

Do you manage your content using a content management system?

The latest buzzword in content management systems (CMS) is "component content management."

Most web content management (WCMS) segment content at the web page. While this may be adequate for simple websites written by one or a few content contributors, it is not acceptable for websites whose pages act as portals to diverse kinds of content and interactivity.

Modern corporate pages pull content in from multiple sources. Each content block is filled with a content component managed independently of all the other blocks on the page. A component has its own versioning and scheduling, its own writers, reviewers, and approval process.

Changes to individual components are quickly and easily made. The value return lies in the customer perception of a highly dynamic web presence, indicative of the strong business behind it.

DITA Topics are matched very well to content components.

See About storing and managing content for a listing of XML CMS's with DITA support.

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