Plugins for the DITA Open Toolkit

Plug-ins for the DITA Open Toolkit

The following plug-ins are freely available for use with the DITA Open Toolkit. If you have plug-ins that are publicly available, please add them to this list.

A recorded demo of how to create a plugin is available here (approximately 1 hour):

Extension points for DITA-OT Plug-ins are described in greater depth here: DITA-OT Plug-in extensions

Available at the DITA-OT SourceForge site

  • The "PDF2" Plugin is for use with older versions of the toolkit. It produces production quality PDF output using XSL-FO. Note that this plug-in is now shipped as the default PDF processor in the DITA-OT, and it is maintained by Suite Solutions.
  • Music: a sample specialization with README files describing how to set up a plugin. Includes HTML formatting overrides, including localized table headings. Maintained by Robert D Anderson at IBM.
  • Context Sensitive Help specialization, with XHTML overrides and Eclipse CSHelp file generator. Mantained by Jeff Antley at IBM.
  • Docbook2dita - a transform from Docbook to DITA and some proof-of-concept examples of interoperability.
  • Message Specialization; reference specialization for encoding messages. Includes XHTML processing overrides. Contributed by Scott Stark at IBM.
  • FrameMaker adapter from Mekon (Mark Poston) and XMetaL: a transform that creates a single book file from a map that can be imported into FrameMaker for final printing (more information at
  • APIRef Reference specialization and XHTML formatting overrides. Contributed by Erik Hennum at IBM.
  • Java APIRef Reference specialization and XHTML formatting overrides (requires the APIRef plugin). Contributed by Erik Hennum at IBM.
  • The C++ API Reference, contributed by Nokia, contains a set of specializations based on the APIRef package; as you might expect, it is for documenting C++ APIs.
  • Thesaurus plugin: a specialization that defines formal subjects and the relationships between those subjects so you can classify what your content is about. Contains early work for the classification support coming from OASIS in DITA 1.2. Contributed by Erik Hennum at IBM.
  • Troubleshooting specialization and XHTML processing overrides, contributed by Scott Stark at IBM.
  • "Plus" plugins are a drop-in replacement for HTML-based transforms (html, xhtml, htmlhelp, eclipsehelp) with lots of extension points for other plugins to extend.  Contains sample plugins that render equations and syntax diagrams as SVG, can rasterize SVG to bitmaps, add context-sensitive help to HTML Help, and other common tasks. A prebuilt zip file of the plugins can be found at dita-users (see below).

Available from dita-users

Log in to dita-users and go to the Files section, and then into the Demos folder:

  • TOCJS plugin from Shawn McKenzie
  • HTMLSEARCH plugin from Nadege Quainen
  • "Plus" plugins (described above)
  • qwdita plugins (qwdita.tar.gz) contains 4 plugins in the public domain:
    • ancestors: breadcrumb linking
    • highlight: source code highlighting using xslthl
    • highlight-js: source code highlighting in xhtml using prettify javascript
    • highligh-pdf: extension for source code highlighting in pdfs

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