NLDITA Winter 2011: call for speakers

For the upcoming NLDITA Winter Special we are calling speakers and sponsors to participate. Subject of the conference is : localization and translation of DITA and XML content.

Conditions for speaking or presenting at NLDITA Winter Special 2011:

  • vendor independent speakers can speak without additional costs and get a free ticket for NLDITA Winter Special 2011
  • commercial vendors who send in a speaker should also register as sponsor for one or more slots
  • subject: all aspects of translation, localization, internationalization in respect to DITA or XML and technical documentation in the broadest sense.

Note: we also welcome vendors to present tools and solutions. For more information contact Bureau NLDITA

NLDITA Winter Special 2011 is an excellent opportunity to meet information professionals who are in the decision making process of choosing their information strategy.

Expected audience is translators, localization managers, technical authors, knowledge workers, documentation managers and related decision makers from software and hardware development industries, as well as people working for corporate publishing and e-learning companies or translation and localization vendors.

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