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In pursuit of the ultimate techCom information architecture

Are users always in a learning mode, as minimalism tells us?

Minimalism is a design approach within the technical communication field that has been around for some 30 years now. Minimalism is constantly being discussed and disseminated by technical communicators, lately by Mark Baker. But what does minimalism say about users and their behavior? Are users always in a learning mode? And what about the information-seeking behavior that I try to preach?

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RSuite CMS

Hello !

We have recently purchased Rsuite CMS for our content delivery. we are facing problems while transforming word doc to DITA xml ..can anyone help me out from this problem..

If anyone use RSuite CMS provide me some screenshots or a guide.


I would be thankful to u if u solve this problem for me.........

Single-Sourcing Blog

New webinar series: TC Dojo

We took what we learned from the popular Arbortext Monster Garage virtual meeting series and the overwhelming requests we received from the first annual TC Camp held in Santa Clara in January 2013 and blended them together. The result — a new twist on the typical web session.

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In pursuit of the ultimate techCom information architecture

Why do users not read topics as we think they do?

Recently, a lot of discussion has emerged in social media about user assistance and findability in technical communication and how to design for findability. Faceted navigation and search has been discussed as a solution, and I believe that it may be a promising way out. In fact, a lot of discussion in the technical communication community is about what comes after the "book paradigm". I do see a trend in that more and more technical communicators are saying that we are answering user questions instead of writing books.

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we have seen the future …

Review meeting yesterday so discuss the results of converting a paper-based User Guide into DITA-based Web Help – enthusiastic acceptance, and the immediate question "When can you start converting the b-i-g Product Guide?"

Obviously, the first thing that made their eyes light up was just a way of delivering content on-line: but I did my best to make sure they knew this is driven by structured information, and that they will need to adjust their way of thinking. They've gone off to read DITA for the impatient from the XML Mind site.

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