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Par Pharmaceutical Embraces XML for SPL and Dynamic Publishing

Beginning in 2005, the Food & Drug Administration began passing Structured Product Labeling (SPL) rulings that require pharmaceutical manufacturers to submit drug product labels in XML. Most recently, the FDA issued SPL R4, a revision to SPL that mandates that starting June 1, 2009, all product label content must be submitted by pharmaceutical companies electronically in XML.

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Planning for DITA Success: How to Deploy DITA, Step-By-Step

In part two of a two-part whitepaper series, XMetaL and the Rockley Group, thought-leaders in DITA, describes how to implement DITA effectively in your organization by applying the right tools and technologies.


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Planning for DITA Success: How to Set Up the Right Team and the Right Strategy

XMetaL and the Rockley Group, thought-leaders in DITA, shows you the right approach to DITA implementation in the practical whitepaper “Planning for DITA Success: How to Set Up the Right Team and the Right Strategy”. This is part one of a two-part whitepaper series. It contains checklists, practical examples and step-by-step instructions that illustrate how to transition smoothly to a DITA model that delivers success. 

What you’ll learn:

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Producing PDFs using Bookmap

Presentation at the March 25, 2009 meeting of the RTP DITA Users' Group by Julio Vazquez, Systems Documentation, Inc.

The presentation will describe the bookmap specialization and how the DITA Open Toolkit currently processes the bookmap to produce PDFs. Julio also will present a methodology to minimize the maintenance problems associated with managing similar maps for print and HTML.

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Production Accounting Solution Knowledge Base/Help System

At CGI in Calgary, CGI and 4 sponsor companies are developing a new software program for production accountants in the oil and gas business. Along with the software, the writing team is developing the Help system using the DITA framework. We store information and reusable text in DITA topics and generate Eclipse Help. We have found the benefits of using DITA over the Help authoring tool we were using (RoboHelp) include DITA's reuse capability, link control via relationship tables and the output control through ditamaps.

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Progress of DITA 1.3

On 17 December 2015, the DITA 1.3 specification was approved as an OASIS standard.

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Recorded DITA Webinars

Numerous pre-recorded webinars previously provided by leading industry experts on the business benefits of DITA as well as planning and implementing a DITA-based solution.

Webinars can be accessed here (note: requires registration)

    Getting Started with DITA

    Abstract: You already know that DITA is right for your organization. But how do you implement DITA effectively in your organization to deliver the anticipated cost and time savings?

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Recording of OASIS DITA 1.3 Webinar

On 6 August 2014, the OASIS DITA Technical Committee and the OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee jointly sponsored a Webinar on DITA 1.3. The Webinar included the following speakers:

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Recording of the webinar: single source with Alfresco and MS Word

The video, [Webinar June 2015] Reuse content and publish to PDF, Web and ebook with Alfresco and MS Word, is ready to watch.

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RELAX NG to DTD or XSD tools

Placeholder for a page to be developed that will include information about tools for generating DTD or XSD from RELAX NG source.

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