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Resources provides a directory of educational materials and community-support tools for DITA.

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IBM Information Architecture Workbench Handout

Information Architecture Workbench (IAWB), formerly known as Task Modeler, is a free, Eclipse-based tool for graphically designing, building, and editing DITA maps and relationship tables. IAWB enables you to visualize various properties of the map, such as linking between files. In the handout you find how to download, install and setup of the IBM Information Architecture. Furthermore you learn how to design a small, DITA-based information set, creating a map, creating relationships and generating stub files.

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ICOS Vision Systems

Patrick Willekens of ICOS Vision Systems shares lessons learned, success factors, and recommendations for others who are thinking of making a move to DITA in this exclusive interview with Scott Abel of

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IDCMS Blue: IBM's Information Development Content Management Strategy

Presentation by Mike Iantosca (IBM) at the 27 May 2009 meeting of the RTP DITA Users' Group. Jointly sponsored with the Boston DITA User Group.

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Implementing Context-Sensitive Help - Technology isn't the only challenge

Creating a successful context-sensitive help solution requires the
cooperation and respect of two groups which have a history of poor
working relations: Development and Technical Publications. Each group
has an established "best practice", i.e. "the way", that ensures a
successful deliverable. Tension comes from an unwillingness to
compromise on those established practices. Compromise means change,
change that will either enable the creation of useful customer solutions
or change that results in broken builds, failure, and finger pointing.

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Implementing DITA: From Single, Standalone Documents to Doc Sets Built in the Products the Describe

Implementing DITA: From Single, Standalone Documents to Doc Sets Built in the Products the Describe. Presented at the DITA 2007 conference by Anna van Raaphorst of VR Communications, Inc.

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Incremental Adoption of DITA: A Real-World Example

Presentation by Martin Jakubik at XPubs 2008.

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Information architecture for Web 2.0

Presented as a two-hour workshop at Content Week 2007:

  • Learn about information architecture and why you need it
  • Find suitable structures for content and content delivery
  • Manage document types with DITA XML
  • Navigate and find content in new ways: the role of wikis, folksonomies and adaptive content
  • Define content management strategies from the users' perspective

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Integrating DITA at Idiom Technologies

Interview by Kay Ethier, Bright Path Solutions and Scott Abel,

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Intro to DITA

Intro to DITA presentation from STC 2006

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Introduction to DITA

Presentation given by Kristen James Eberlein at DITA TECHCOMM 2008.

"New to DITA? This session will include a technical overview of DITA, as well as information about its history and why it is the XML authoring and content-management standard of choice for so many companies. Expect to leave the session with an understanding of both the key concepts of DITA and what it promises in regard to increased productivity and cost savings."

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