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Resources provides a directory of educational materials and community-support tools for DITA.

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Get Ready for DITA: Bypass Four Costly Roadblocks

A white paper by Innodata Isogen -- Get Ready for DITA: Bypass Four Costly Roadblocks -- describes how companies can adopt DITA by first overcoming four roadblocks that could cause delays and cost overruns that ultimately offset the overall benefits of the implementation.

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gotAPI Searchable DITA Language Reference has added the DITA Language Specification to their wonderful tool with progressive search.

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Guide to DITA Topic Types Mouse Pad

Helpful, desktop reference illustrates the DITA concept, task and reference topic types right at your fingertips. Request your mouse pad today!

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How do you design end-user assistance?

The autumn 2011 edition of the award winning ISTC journal Communicator includes an introduction to SeSAM. Download it from

Designing for findability is a key if you want to be successful. Check out SeSAM if you spend a lot of effort thinking about what type of information to include in manuals and how to organize content, and if your end users are complaining about the difficulty in finding answers.

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How to Get the Most Out of Content Migration to DITA

Presentation by Mikhail Vaysbukh at XPubs 2008.

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How to Increase Financial Returns for Existing DITA Users

Presentation by AmberSwope and John Hunt at Xpubs 2008.

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I Column Like I CM: Lovely DITA, Meta Maid, Ready-made Metadata

EContentMag : By Bob Doyle

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IBM developerWorks: DITA

IBM developed DITA to streamline their own document development and organization processes. This site provides information on numerous topics an insight that may help with your adoption of the DITA standard.

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IBM DITA Wiki: Growing DITA Across the Enterprise

Presentation at the 22 October 2008 meeting of the RTP DITA Users' Group by Don Day, IBM User Technologies; Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee; Architect, Lightweight DITA Publishing Solutions. Jointly sponsored with the Central TX DITA User Group.

Are you curious about DITA and Wikis? Wondering whether a Wiki can be based on DITA as its source? Wondering if such DITA content can be developed by people who are not technical writers?

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