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Resources provides a directory of educational materials and community-support tools for DITA.

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Does DITA need XML? Lightweight DITA and HTML5

Recording now available here (registration required):


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eComPress - a powerful alternative to PDF for distributing tech reference docs

The online Help DITA Infocenter was built because the PDF and HTML versions of the DITA Language and Architectural Specifications were just too awkward to use for constant reference.

The DITA Infocenter got good reviews. Many users said that the great indexing and search in the Eclipse Help interface really makes it easy to find your way around the hundreds of DITA Specification pages.

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Enabling Collaborative Design-and-Decision Discussions, Online

by Eric Armstrong

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Evaluating DITA-Enabled Content Management Systems

Evaluating DITA-Enabled Content Management Systems. Presented at the DITA 2007 conference by Ann Adams of Kyocera.

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Extending the DITA Open Toolkit

Robert Anderson, IBM Chief Architect of the DITA Open Toolkit, discussed Customizing the Output of the Open Toolkit at the November meeting of the Silicon Valley DITA Interest Group.

You can find the 90-minute presentation in the Open Toolkit Tutorials section of the DITA Users website.

Robert presented remotely from Minneapolis. DITA Users from around the world attended the meeting remotely via an Elluminate screen sharing session.

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Feedable, portable, mashable, DITAble

Making Web 2.0 content portable and mashable using the DITA standards for content and collections.

Presented by Michael Priestley at Content Convergence and Integration 2008.

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Formatting documents and DITA with XSL-FO

Presentation by Michael Miller at XPubs 2008.

XSL-FO is a powerful document formatting standard from the W3C that is being used in thousands of implementations worldwide.  It is used extensively for training documentation, by both government and professional publishers, in the aerospace and defense sectors and by software developers, financial institutions, automobile manufacturers and virtually everywhere documents need to be formatted.

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FrameMaker 7.2 and DITA - online Review

Gilbane Report Blog : Posted by Bill Trippe at September 14, 2005

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The mailing list for FrameMaker users.

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Free White Paper: Extreme DITA - Leveraging Extensibility to Deliver Solutions

This paper presents some of the implementation experiences that Stilo has had with DITA over the last couple of years. What emerges from this review is a ringing endorsement of DITA as a fundamentally effective way to approach the most common, and frequently most exasperating, challenges associated with projects mandated with modernizing how documentation is created, managed and published. Three cases are included in this paper:

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