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Difference between referenz and concept?


I read the DITA Architectural and Language Specification and a book about topic orientate writing, but I still have the problem, that I often don’t know if I should write content in a reference or a concept topic. The examples often do not help me because I write documentation for machines and not only for software.

How have you learned that?

One example:

During the machine is running the user have to do some activities. I have a topic with the following content (in a table):

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Trouble with configuring XMetal for Dita and generating output


 We’ve just started with a Dita project using XMetal. We’ve been successful with setting up the Dita environment, meaning we’ve been able to run ant all successfully and test the dita installation. But have not been successful with configuring XMetal. Basically not all steps from the client’s style guide went smooth because of the differences between the versions of XMetal.

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I have following tags


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What is the most commonly used DITA editor?

Anything else you can tell me about peoples favorite DITA editing tool would be appreciated, like how many organisations use it.

Thanks in anticipation. 

About Processing

Hello, I have created a dita file with ditamap, 2 topics and a concept. All is validated well; point is how shall I see the output; I use xmetal 5 open the ditamap there add files and then build output into chm. Thanks In Advance


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