inclusion path

I'm wondering if it is simple to ask a processing engine to search for included resources through several paths rather than just the base path of the document being processed.  E.g., suppose a processor encounters


<synph conref="../foo/bar.xml#here">xxx</synph>


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Centering Figure Tiles

Has anyone had any luck centering figure captions?





generating web html output at chapter level

Hi there,

 I would like to get an overview of how to generate web html output in chapter level by feeding a ditamap as input. The input file will have multiple chapters in it with multiple topic references and I want generate multiple html output with toc in each html at the chapter level. Current DITA OT produces output in topic level with individual html files along with toc in a seperate html file.



Query regarding using custom Stylesheet and CSS through java command

Hi All,
I came to know regarding DITA Open Toolkit and i very much impressed what it does. So, i installed and everything is working fine. But, what i need now is to change its look and feel like xsl, css, main or cover page.

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DITA Open Toolkit patch release 1.3.1 discussions

This topic is for news and comments related to the first planned patch release for DITA OT 1.3, which will be called 1.3.1.  Bugs that cannot be reproduced or are demoted in priority may not be in the final list.

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