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File structure and naming convention

My company is converting to DITA with no CMS (for now).  We are creating a file structure and naming convention and are looking for some best practices to guide us.  We have approximately 10 functional groups of content.  To maximize reuse of topics and to make searching for topics easier, we are wondering if our naming convention should use suffixes or prefixes.  For example if I have sets of task to teach users how to build models should my naming convention begin or end with the t for task (and does this really matter?): t_model_building.dita or model_building_t.dita.

Figure Titles

The tagging structure for a figure has the title on top of the figure.


Looking for a way to get the title under the figure keeping the auot numbering  without having to modify the DTD. 

New element name or just new class (specialization)

I'm quite new in spezialization. I ask myself when to change the name of the element my specialization is based on. Everybody might agree that the name must not be changed if the specialized element is a subset of the base element's content model.

E.g. Element A with content B, C+, E*

Specialized element A' with content  B, C+ is still Element A and so it may retain its name.

But if not: When would you start with a new element name and when a new class just will  do it.

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Keeping content in a file from being searchable by search engines

We have a help project that we don't necessarily want the contents of to be discoverable by search engines. Is there some code that can help us accomplish this? I know that keywords and indexterms help improve visibility, but we want the opposite. Any suggestions?

DITA Style Guide



We have recently started using DITA as our authoring tool for creating documents. We have been searching for an online free version of the DITA Style Guide that can be used as a reference.

I would really appreciate if you can share any such Guide/reference.


Thanks in advance!!



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