About the DITA Maturity Model Community

The DITA Maturity Model Community (DITA MMC) is an extension of the original white paper developed by Michael Priestley, Lead IBM DITA Architect, and Amber Swope, Principal Consultant for JustSystems.

Enterprises looking to fast track their content strategy and minimize the risks of a “big-bang” initiative are choosing DITA--one of the most popular information models to suit today’s content –rich, multi-channel environment. But how do you know where to begin? How do you move the enterprise content strategy from the back room to the board room and develop a framework for success?

The goal of the DITA MMC is to elevate the discussion off the page and provide practitioners, managers and executives with a working forum to share knowledge and practical guidance, develop DITA MM Business Cases, test out DITA MM implementation scenarios and get peer-to-peer advice.

This community is designed to bring the DITA Maturity Model to life, applying the “Wisdom of the Crowds” to the evolution and refinement of this approach to DITA adoption. The premise is that none of us is as good as all of us. The DITA MMC is an evolving resource that will grow and change over time with your active participation and contributions.

We invite you to review and comment on the DITA Maturity Model, published on this site by sections:

DITA MMC Contest: Congratulations to Patrick Quinlan, winner of the 8GB iPod touch and two tickets to DocTrain East for commenting on the DITA Maturity Model.

Thank you all contributors. Feel free to continue to help improve the DITA Maturity Model.


See also:

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- DITA Maturity Model Q&A with Michael Priestley and Amber Swope

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