The DITA Open Toolkit

The DITA Open Toolkit

The DITA Open Toolkit, or DITA-OT for short, is a set of Java-based, open source tools that provide processing for DITA maps and topic content. You can download the OT and install it for free on your computer to get started with topic-based writing and publishing. Note: while the DITA Standard itself is owned and developed by OASIS, the DITA Open Toolkit is an independent, open source implementation of the standard.


The normative information sources for DITA Open Toolkit are:

The best place to request enhancements to the DITA Open Toolkit is by opening an issue at GitHub.

General Information

Developer information

Developers and vendors using the toolkit are encouraged to join the dita-ot-developer mailing list. This list is used to discuss upcoming changes that may impact developers or vendors: DITA-OT Developer Google Group.

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