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In pursuit of the ultimate techCom information architecture

Can Tech Writers Create Links without Even Writing Them?

This article discusses why links are important, and how technical communicators can make them without actually explicitly writing them.

The technical communication community has come to the agreement that creating a link strategy, and the actual links, is a time consuming affair.

In this article I show how links can be generated from content classification (that is, lists of metadata —taxonomies — used to classify content). 

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Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Where Do the XML Differences Hide?

XML files are used almost everywhere: site mapping, CRM, Banking to name just a few of the thousands of use of XML. XML has been designed to control the data, separating it from the HTML code which is designed to display the data. The reason XML is used, is that it simplifies data storage and sharing.

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Stilo DITA Knowledge Series - review of the year



As 2014 draws to an end, I wanted to thank all those of you who have joined us for this year's DITA Knowledge Series - either by attending one of our webinars or reading one of our articles. 

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Componize Introduces v2.0: Maximum Control on Content Life Cycle

Aix-en-Provence, France, November 14 2014

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Free Webinar: Deliver DITA Content Globally with DITAworks CMS and XTM Translation Management

More and more companies are realizing that providing good user experience is one of the key factors in success of their products or services. And localized quality documentation is always going to go a long way in facilitating an improved user experience. Now if we combine effectiveness of a translation management system with the productivity and cost effectiveness of a robust DITA CMS, we have a solution which will endear itself to the documentation departments as well as strategists of a company.

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