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Stilo DITA Knowledge Series | Review of the year 2015

Three years on and still going strong!

As 2015 draws to an end, I wanted to thank all those of you who have joined us for one, or maybe more, of this year's Stilo DITA Knowledge Series webinars. We launched the series back in January 2013, and it is great to see that, three years on, it is still so well supported.

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In pursuit of the ultimate techCom information architecture

Is it possible to create a web knowledge base from existing book manuals?

Watch how to create one (1) mobile-friendly web knowledge base from existing technical documentation books. This, without requiring any manual work to rewrite or re-structure the book content.

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XMLmind XSL Utility, a user-friendly, desktop application

You need to convert DITA documents to PDF, DOCX, ODT, Web Help, EPUB, etc, and don't like command-line tools. Look no further, give XMLmind XSL Utility a try:

Moreover, XMLmind XSL Utility allows to extensively configure and customize the conversion process without having to tweak obscure files by hand.

Latest version supports computers having very high resolution (HiDPI) screens and comes with a Mac OS X native ".dmg" distribution.

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Release of XMLmind DITA Converter v2.5.7, a serious alternative to the DITA Open Toolkit

Element <abbreviated-form> is now processed as described in the DITA 1.2 spec. More information:

Download this free, open source software from


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XMLmind XML Editor users, directly import DOCX files as simple, clean, valid DITA

XMLmind XML Editor users, directly import DOCX files as  simple, clean, valid DITA map+topics, bookmap+topics, topic, concept, reference, etc,  using new "Word To XML" add-on. Simply use "Options|Install Add-ons" to download and install this new add-on.

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