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Specializations (previous)

The Specialization area in the DITA community wiki allows users to submit specializations and to refine their descriptions. A page format for this has not yet been established.

The introduction to specialization for this area discusses four main subjects:

What is specialization?

What purposes are there for specialization? (TBD)

How does the structure of this area reflect those purposes?(TBD)

How does one add a specialization, or contribute to one? (TBD)

What is specialization?

Specialization is an operation that defines new information types and new elements in a disciplined manner. To become a responsible specializer, it is important to develop a very clear understanding of the relationship between information types and elements.

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Contributing Content for DITA Events


The Events page lists public conferences, webinars, and training classes that feature information on DITA. If you are posting a link to a multi-purpose event, be sure to describe the DITA content that will be featured. Generic event entries are not appropriate and may be removed.

A one-time registration is required before posting. See Editorial Guidelines for more information.

All entries should include:

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The DITA Architecture area contains references to specifications and articles that explain the architectural underpinnings of the DITA language.

How many elements are in DITA?

Because DITA is an architecture, not just a DTD, you have to ask the question in terms of which infotype (concept, task, reference) , containing which domains. New specializations always increase the count, but the new content models typically have more restricted content models, which limits the selection choices that writers actually see in a validating XML editor.

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