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Anna van Raaphorst: Implementing the Open Toolkit

At the April meeting of the Boston DITA Users Group, Anna van Raaphorst and her husband/partner Richard H. (Dick) Johnson, principals at VR Communications, Inc. ( presented remotely from California on the topic  "implementingDITA™ Setting the Stage: Creating DITA Projects That Will Scale Up."

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Amber Swope on Bookmaps

Amber Swope, formerly of IBM Rational Software and now Principal Consultant at Justsystems for XMetaL, addressed a dinner meeting of the Boston DITA Users Group Tuesday evening at JoAnn Hackos' Content Management Strategies/DITA North America 2007 Conference.

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Help interface to the DITA Language Specification

As part of the Resources for the new DITA Users website (, we have imported the OASIS DITA Language Elements as topics into RoboHelp.

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March meeting of the Boston DITA Users Group

At the Boston DITA Users meeting for March, Bob Doyle, his son Derek, and David Pearson presented the new DITA Users website, in development since the first of January. (

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February meeting of Boston DITA Users Group

Last week's Boston DITA User Group meeting featured Judy Kessler, the
DITA Transition Lead at Sybase.

Her topic was Making the Business Case for DITA.  Attendees were all
very interested and kept Judy overtime (our longest meeting to date).

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