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January meeting of Boston DITA Users group

Hi all,
Last night's meeting with Nancy Harrison was the second best attended so far (after our Dave Schell kickoff this year).
Nancy discussed getting your content ready for migration to DITA.

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Meeting JoAnn Hackos

JoAnn Hackos invited me to the reception at the opening of her DITA Boot Camp in Wakefield, MA last  week.

It was a privilege to meet the contributor of so many methods and techniques to the field of technical writing, including minimalism and single-source publishing.

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FrameMaker DITA Application Pack

I had expected that most XML Editor Vendors would integrate the DITA Open Toolkit functionality, since it provides so much capability already developed in an open-source community.

In a surprise, giant  Adobe is one of the earliest to do so. 

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XML Editors and DITA

Hi all,

I recently reviewed a dozen XML editors with attention to their DITA capabilities.  The article appeared in the June issue of EContent Magazine.

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