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For the past three years, my annual wrap-up of content management systems for EContent Magazine has mostly counted the exploding number of branded products, for sale and open source, on the world market—now nearing 3,000.

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DITA Newsletter 1.4

DITA Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 4, November, 2007 Features in this issue (see the web version at
  • DITA User Group Meetings
  • Pure DITA
  • Three DITA Book Options
  • DITA Storm Acquired by Inmedius
  • DITA as a Service (SaaS)
  • New Troubleshooting Specialization
  • Introduction to DITA, Arbortext Edition
  • DITA Tutorials and new Presentation Recordings
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Introduction to DITA, Arbortext Edition

Comtech Services' Introduction to DITA has been produced in a new version featuring PTC Arbortext Editor and Styler.

All the great content from the original edition is there, but many illustrations are now screenshots from Arbortext Editor. Instead of the XML markup code for examples, you see the tags-on view in Arbortext Editor.

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PTC Arbortext DITA Service Manual Application

PTC Arbortext has developed a custom DITA application that provides 80-90% of the work to produce a service manual for web and print publication.

Featuring a number of DITA topic specializations (SMA Task, SMA Concept, SMA Reference, and a Troubleshooting specialization), coordinated XSL stylesheets produce a manual with a standard two-column layout.

The SMA shows the competitive advantage of managing a DITA project with integrated tools from Arbortext Editor with Styler.

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DITA Newsletter 1.3

DITA Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 3, October, 2007
Features in this issue (see the web version at

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