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DITA Presentations at CMS/DITA 2008 next week

Last month I promised JoAnn Hackos I would list the DITA presentations in Santa Clara in the April DITA Newsletter.

I forgot, so here they are in my blog...

Best Practices for DITA in a Global Economy
Eric Severson
Flatirons Solutions

Successful Implementations of DITA and a CMS
Chip Gettinger & Fred Lass
Astoria Software

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From Free to Three ($100K)

EContent Magazine, Column April 2008. 

Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) XML structured publishing solutions, like content management systems in general, run the gamut in cost from free to millions of dollars for some of the largest implementations in big corporations, such as Adobe, Autodesk, BMC, EMC, IBM, Nokia,, and Sybase.

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We coordinated and recorded a remote presentation by Nenad Furtula and Jim Tivy of Bluestream speaking to the Silicon Valley Digital Interest Group on February 13.

From their Bluestream offices in Vancouver they described working with DITA and their XDocs CMS.

We recorded their demonstration in Cambridge, MA using Elluminate.

You can download this Flash presentation from:

We hope you enjoy this and the dozens of other tutorial presentations at DITA Users.

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Eliot Kimber Specialization Tutorial in Boston

Eliot Kimber presented his Specialization in Real Time Tutorial at our Boston DITA Users Group

He created a topic specialization for a valentine!

Eliot has given his real-time specialization tutorial to DITA user groups in Austin, TX and Boulder, CO, and now Boston.

We videotaped Eliot. You can see the video at Unfortunately our camcorder had a lot of problems with the color.

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Plugin Tutorials

A recent thread on the dita-users list discussed specialization as an extension of the DITA OT by restrictive substitution. This is best done by creating a DITA-OT plugin.

Plugins are overrides to the OT code that add functionality. Plugins are used to add new specializations to the OT and to define new specialization targets for output processing of the specialized elements. If they are designed properly, plugins can be added to an upgraded version of the OT and still run properly.

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