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DITA Newsletter 1.2

DITA Newsletter

DITA Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2, September, 2007
Features in this issue (see the web version at


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DITA Tutorial Project

Will you help us to develop tutorials for DITA Users?

Have you prepared a presentation or written an article on DITA that could be the basis for a tutorial?

Have you recorded a webinar (vendor webinars are welcome - if they teach DITA using their product).

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A DITA Wiki for DITA Users

We are happy to announce the fifth in our DITA Users network of DITA support websites.

DITA Wiki is an extensive wiki packed with over 600 pages of initial content, including placeholder pages for all the major DITA tools, vendors, and professional services.

It offers the complete DITA Architectural and Language Specifications in a form that supports both comments and discussions.

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A group DITA Blog

Do you write a blog with occasional posts on DITA? We would like to aggregate your DITA posts to the DITA News website. Send me details about your RSS news feed (

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John Hunt: Learning Content

At the May meeting of the Boston DITA Users Group, John Hunt of IBM described the work of the DITA subcommittee for learning and training content specialization.

The goal of the subcommittee is one or more new information types for learning content, at the same level as the current three main types, concept, task, and reference, plus a new map domain to assemble the content as learning objects suitable for processing as deliverables for learning management systems (LMS).

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