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Resources provides a directory of educational materials and community-support tools for DITA.

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Center for Information-Development Management

The Center for Information-Development Management is an organization of information-development, training, and support managers across the United States and internationally. The CIDM is directed by Dr. JoAnn Hackos,  international leader in the management of the design, development and dissemination of information to customers and employees.

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Comtech Services, Inc.

As you should expect, Comtech Services has used DITA to create the Introduction to DITA: A Basic User Guide as a print publication. Each lesson in the tutorial begins with a concept topic. The tutorial lesson itself is a task topic, and the list of elements used in the lesson is a reference topic. Topics are referenced in section-level maps, which in turn are organized in a book-level map.

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Cover Pages Technology Report: DITA

The Cover Pages is a comprehensive, online reference collection supporting the XML family of markup language standards, XML vocabularies, and related structured information standards. The Cover Pages Technology Report on DITA provides links to principal references, briefing materials, related technologies, and more.

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Creating Task-based Navigation with DITA

QuickTime movie of Creating Task-based Navigation with DITA, presented by Michael Priestley of IBM. Includes a "live" demonstration of Task Modeler.

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Crossing Organizational Boundaries with DITA

Presentation at the 22 October 2008 meeting of the RTP DITA Users' Group by Colleen Smith, Content Management Information Architect at Teradata Corporation.

After completing a successful pilot project using DITA and a CMS, Teradata's Information Engineering group is partnering with Teradata Customer Services to share and reuse tech pubs content for creating custom system change documents for field engineers. Challenges in this project include:

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CTDUG June: "Usecases for Mashup"

In this presentation, Seth Park shows examples of use cases for mashup in real-world scenarios being defined by the Semiconductor Information Design Subcommittee (SIDSC) as they discover the relationship between the SIDSC specialization and pre-existing industry standard XML formats. Many people have expressed an interest in using DITA as part of a distributed information architecture. This interest comes from two primary use cases:

Get: DITA content needs data from non-DITA data sources ("DITA as primary architecture")

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Defining DITA for Pharmaceutical Documentation

This recorded 30-minute webinar provides an overview of the work of the OASIS DITA Pharmaceutical Content Subcommittee. Presenters include Committee co-chairs, Jim Averback and Steffen Frederiksen.

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Designing and Delivering Dynamic Training and eLearning with DITA

Presentation by John Hunt at XPubs 2008.

DITA is an OASIS standard for designing, authoring, and publishing modular information. Its extensible architecture makes large content sets much more manageable and customizable. (say something on topics, maps, metadata)

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Designing Your Information Architecture for Content Reuse: Five Best Practices

The increasing popularity of Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) means that more users within an organization are looking to repurpose and reuse content across the enterprise. To realize the promise of reuse with DITA, you must optimize the mechanisms it supports and understand how to implement it. When considering the implementation of a reuse strategy, consider the following five best practices.

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Developing Quality Technical Information : A Handbook for Writers and Editors

IBM Press Series--Information Management (not DITA but recommended as a good book on "topic based authoring") (Available from

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