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Services provides a central location for providers to describe available services that support DITA. Users are invited to share experiences or advice using the "add comment" link that appears at the bottom of each listing.

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Scripto is a communication consulting company, specialized in:

  • Technical writing and user documentation design
  • Information modeling
  • Content strategy
  • DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)

We offer the following DITA-related services:

  • DITA structured authoring training
  • DITA consulting and coaching

To help you to get started with DITA, we can offer you our DITA Starter Pack.

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3di Information Solutions Ltd

3di has been providing technical authoring, translation and localization services to some of the world’s largest organisations since 2002. In these areas of expertise, we provide project management, consultancy and engineering services.

3di uses its experience in designing and implementing XML information architectures and provides support in:

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Cherryleaf Ltd.

Cherryleaf is the trading name of Cherryleaf Limited, a company based in the United Kingdom. We are the most copied technical communicators in the UK, with expertise in single sourcing (reuse of content) and online Help.

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Comet Computer GmbH / Comet Communication GmbH

Comet is the market leader in Germany for technical documentation. Our strength is optimized time-to-market for even the most challenging timeframes.

As a full-service provider of technical documentation solutions, Comet offers:

  • Print and online documentation
  • Localization and translation
  • Single-source publishing
  • Training courses
  • Consulting
  • Resale of best-in-class documentation tools

We work to ensure that your documentation is a success.

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Comtech Services, Inc.

Comtech Services, Inc. provides a full-range of training, consulting, and support for any group considering a move to DITA. We offer a workshop series including DITA Getting Started, in addition to our regular offerings in structured writing, minimalism, and content management implementation. JoAnn Hackos, Comtech President, the industry's leading expert in information architecture, creates consulting arrangements that lead to information architecture, process redesign, and leadership in change management.

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Contelligence Group, LLC

All indications are that unstructured data will offer the largest return on investment from IT efforts in the next five to ten years. With more than seventy percent of an organization's information assets held as unstructured data, the impact spans the enterprise and affects the performance of nearly every process.

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Content Data Solutions, Inc.

Content Data Solutions (Content DSI), a software and systems integrator, has been working with XML for more than a decade. Content DSI’s XML capabilities range from data and workflow analysis to data conversion, DTD and schema development, as well as the integration of XML-based authoring and editing software. Using industry standards such as DITA, our capabilities help companies standardize their diverse information and store it in a central data repository in order to utilize it in a content management or product catalog system.

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Dakota Systems, Inc.

Specializing in enterprise publishing and content management solutions, we create opportunities for our clients to maximize the return on their technology investment. Whether working with technical manuals or scientific journals, our proven analysis and development methodologies enable us to quickly and cost effectively integrate our clients' business intelligence with their publishing strategy.

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Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc.

Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. (DCL) converts documents to DITA and all other XML formats. DCL provides conversion services and software to publishers, industry, government, the military, libraries, and documentation developers.  The company has successfully converted more than a quarter-billion pages to date. For further information on DCL capabilities click on or write to


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DITA Training Service

Metapercept expertise lays in high performance content conversion and content migration processes that prove fidelity of the content. Metapercept offers comprehensive solutions in content migration, including specializations in DITA-XML and other migration rules. This is done via a unique combination of software tools, domain ability and specialists working upon the configuration and customization of your content.

We, at Metapercept, use various techniques ranging from custom scripts and XSLT to third-party tools and dataset formats.

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