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Book pageEditorial board Kristen Eberlein08 years 43 weeks ago
ResourceDITA 1.3 Key Scopes Kristen Eberlein09 years 7 weeks ago
ResourceRELAX NG to DTD or XSD tools Kristen Eberlein09 years 32 weeks ago
ResourceRecording of OASIS DITA 1.3 Webinar Kristen Eberlein09 years 39 weeks ago
NewsUpcoming DITA 1.3 Webinar Kristen Eberlein09 years 41 weeks ago
ResourceOverview of DITA 1.3 Kristen Eberlein09 years 47 weeks ago
ResourceUsing IBM Task Modeler to create DITA-based information sets Kristen Eberlein014 years 10 weeks ago
ResourceOverview of DITA 1.2 Kristen Eberlein014 years 35 weeks ago
ResourceArt of the short description Kristen Eberlein014 years 48 weeks ago
EventRTP DITA Users' Group meeting, 25 March 2009 Kristen Eberlein015 years 8 weeks ago
NewsOASIS DITA Subcommittee sets schedule Kristen Eberlein015 years 13 weeks ago
ResourceIBM DITA Wiki: Growing DITA Across the Enterprise Kristen Eberlein015 years 14 weeks ago
ResourceManaging Content and Producing Output with the Eclipse IDE Kristen Eberlein115 years 24 weeks ago
ResourceBrushing your teeth with DITA: Leveraging relationships to improve usability Kristen Eberlein215 years 24 weeks ago
ResourceDITA, Metada, and Taxonomy Kristen Eberlein015 years 24 weeks ago
ResourceDITA 1.2: Understanding the upcoming release Kristen Eberlein015 years 25 weeks ago
ResourceThe DITA Troubleshooting Specialization Kristen Eberlein015 years 25 weeks ago
ResourceCrossing Organizational Boundaries with DITA Kristen Eberlein015 years 25 weeks ago
ResourceDITA and Information Architecture Kristen Eberlein015 years 26 weeks ago
ResourceIntroduction to DITA Kristen Eberlein015 years 28 weeks ago
EventDITA Europe 2008 Kristen Eberlein015 years 35 weeks ago
EventTask Support Clusters: A Focused Architecture for Practical User Assistance Kristen Eberlein015 years 37 weeks ago
EventKey Elements on Customizing and Troubleshooting Output from the DITA OT Kristen Eberlein015 years 37 weeks ago
EventAn Overview of the DITA Open Toolkit Kristen Eberlein015 years 38 weeks ago
EventDITA to XLIFF and Back - Understanding the technical solution Kristen Eberlein015 years 39 weeks ago Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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